Rik & Vicky – A Wasing Park Wedding Photographer

Beautiful summer day and I headed up to Berkshire for Rik and Vicky’s wedding and what a gorgeous setting it was! An enchanting little chapel was the venue for the nuptials; venues like these make you feel like you’ve been transported back in history as they capture all the wonderful design of those times, making a fab backdrop.

As Vicky was getting ready with her bridal party, I took the opportunity to photograph Rich’s rather dapper groomsmen and of course the groom himself! We must remember that although the bride and groom are at the centre of the day, a wedding is about bringing two families together and each and every aspect of that deserves to be documented and cherished. There was no missing how much love and fun filled this union!

The reception was jam packed with love and laughs and after the meal the merriment certainly continued! It was a real pleasure to be apart of their very special day and I hope they can reminisce for years and years to come with these images 🙂