Dan & Lucy – A New Place Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful wedding I was honoured to be part of. Dan and Lucy’s day was quite spectacular. A very intimate wedding set to the backdrop of the stunning New Place in Southampton.

There was so many lovely little touches, like the cricket themed invites and day plans, the cake topper and Dan’s bright blue socks! Every element came together to make this a wonderful day for the happy couple and made capturing all of it a lot of fun.

Some of the most special moments are often only a few seconds – the Mother of the Bride helping her daughter button her dress, the Groomsmen keeping the Groom calm before the Bride arrives, the Father of the Bride seeing his daughter for the first time in her dress, the Groom catching the first glimpse as his Bride walks down the aisle and the guests as they exchange vows… all of these moments are the ones you’ll go back to in years to come, the ones that invoke a huge sense of pride, love and nostalgia.

Making sure I’ve done my job properly is ensuring my clients get exactly that, and I hope Dan and Lucy, and all of their loved ones, enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.