Geoff & Charlotte – Houghton Lodge Wedding Photographer – Stockbridge

We are so incredibly spoilt when it comes to stunning wedding venues on the South Coast and Houghton Lodge is definitely in my favourites list, and clearly it was for the lovely Geoff and Charlotte too.

From start to finish it was a beautifully elegant day, from the church to the reception guests were greeted by wonderful seasonal flower arrangements that set a stylish and sophisticated backdrop and absolutely perfect for me when it came to taking photos… it was almost like being on a movie wedding!

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a million times again but two of my most favourite shots to take on a couple’s wedding day is the Father of the Bride’s first look at his daughter in her dress and the groom’s first look at his bride walking down the aisle. They are photographs that exude emotion timelessly, I know people will look at these in ten, fifteen, even fifty years and still feel a lump in their throat, I know because I still get that feeling looking at my own wedding photos. Being chosen to photograph someone’s wedding is an honour and an incredibly important job I take really seriously. With the bride and groom being swept through their day in this whirlwind of emotion, a high like they’ve never felt before, it’s so easy for it all to become a blur which means the weeks after where they get to flick through the wedding album and properly take it all in is priceless – so lots of pressure on my shoulders to get it just right!

I hope when you scroll down and look through a selection of the photos I took on Geoff and Charlotte’s big day, you’ll agree that I managed to capture the love, the laughs and the fun of this brilliant day.

Lots of best wishes to the newlyweds and thank you very much for letting me be part of it,